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Case Study:


Heavy duty software, for heavy duty needs


Throughout periods of rapid growth, AmBev became the largest beer brewer in Latin America. However, business expansion resulted in increased congestion due to the manual processing time required for each vehicle. Incidents of mistakes and theft rose, while a disconnect grew between management’s statements about efficiency and the employees’ daily experience.

Employees were frustrated about manually inspecting every truck cargo and filing paperwork for every movement.

In high season hundreds of trucks waited for processing. Management was unable to plan precisely due to variable processing times. Alternatively, not inspecting every truck or minimizing record keeping led to mistakes, theft and the perception of chaos.

The Challenge

How to regain processes control and maximize logistics efficiency for the largest beer brewer in Latin America?

Design in Action

Ingenious began with a study of the logistics process, the physical plants and data systems. Then, the team engineered a solution derived from applying human centered design and behavioral design techniques to create a system that combines scales, cameras, sensors and robot components along with novel technologies and algorithms in a brand new way.

Ingenious designed new logistics processes by developing a technological platform that analyzes and controls cargo loads going in and out of their manufacturing facilities, gathering data to plan future production.


The platform minimized the operating costs by reducing the required staff to control the cargo and the documentation verification.

And more importantly, the platform maximized the plant production efficiency by expediting process time and elimination errors.

AmBev even increased production capabilities at plants during high season.

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