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Case Study:


Creating a game that helps children learn 4x faster than a book


In a world full of stimuli and distractions children find it

increasingly difficult to study motivated and uninterrupted.

Although there is a lot of great educational games out there that teach kids how to do things, teaching factual content on the other hand has been overlooked.

The Challenge

How to design a game to get kids to learn school subjects faster and more eagerly?

Design in Action

Ingenious created multiskilled team of designers, engineers and psuychologists and came up with a 1000+ lb VR attraction cabin. Then installed in selected locations where users wore a set of VR goggles and experienced a multisensorial educative journey about data, optic fiber and why that was strategic for the country.We made learning part of the game loop so the kids learnt to beat the game and have fun.


Chronopedia was named

Best Educational Videogame of 2014
by Federal Government of Uruguay and received
100k in prizes

Children learned history

4x faster
than with a traditional text book.

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