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Supporting the healthcare industry

Healthcare is a complex industry with tons of legacy systems and on-premises installations. With many years of experience in the field, we know that dotnet is still widely used, and we support it extensively.

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Why choose dotnet

Dotnet has a record of successful projects and has proven to be a steady technology, helping the industry to confidently grow.

While years ago most dotnet solutions were imposed by clients due to on-premises installations and legacy software support this has changed and evolved in the last few years.

A platform that might have been seen as closed and reluctant to change in the past is now open and available for all devices without losing the interop the Healthcare industry needs.

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A dotnet story

When Denver Health requested us to develop a Protocol Care Assist application for antibiotics prescriptions one of the important aspects was to be able to comply with all regulations like deploying on-premises without losing our mantra of agile development and fast iteration with the client.

Leveraging dotnet core and Azure we were able to develop the app regardless of the developers OSs, deploy to staging environments in the cloud for fast validation, and finally, install the app on-premises without changing the software.

This allowed us to rapidly iterate the solution with the doctors and be compliant with all needed regulations.

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