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Microservices oriented architectures

Node is our preferred way to build highly available applications to divide business problems into several specialized services. We have helped companies like Access Mobile and Vamos! to abstract the complexity of their systems by using microservices and removing the boundaries between code and the orchestration layer with AWS lambda and Azure functions.

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Why choose node

Building systems that scale requires a deep investment in infrastructure. No language or framework delivers an excellent performance from day one. At the same time, startups need to be prepared for scaling while maintaining the right feature cadence at every stage of the company.

Node and the different FaaS platforms allow us to worry less about the infrastructure and focus on the features customers need.

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How node changed us

We used to build monoliths — and we still do if it's the right decision —, but for certain types of clients, a different approach is needed.

Today's clients have businesses with several moving pieces that integrate with dozens of external services and grow exponentially from one day to the other. These clients need the ability to split the different parts of the business into specialized modules and, if possible, to deploy these specialized solutions several times a day.

We use node to deliver an excellent velocity for features development, without the risks that involve having the solution all bundled in a single codebase and version.

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