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Michael McCrary

VP of Product - Fertility Pro

"Ingenious is helping Fertility Pro to build the next generation of specialized EMRs for Fertility using Ember and Rails"

Ruby on Rails

Evolving with Confidence

Building large-scale applications is not an easy job. A big part of the blame for that problem is taken by the major complexities involved in managing and orchestrating the usually large and distributed development teams required for this type of projects.

For such cases, the design of the development technology to be used becomes a critical factor in either facilitating or hurting the developers’ collaboration dynamics. And this can be the difference between success or failure in accomplishing the final objectives of the project.

At Ingenious we have helped many companies like Menti and My Fertility to avoid those pitfalls and build large-scale web applications by using the power of Ruby and the Ruby on Rails ecosystem to streamline the ability of those large teams to remain in sync and move at a steady pace towards their goals.

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Why choose Rails

To build large-scale applications you need more than a framework, you need a style guide, a cli tool and a standard way of doing things; you need a well-tested and reliable tool to suit most of your needs.

Rails delivers a great foundation for dealing with these type of projects and it has us covered in most cases. From dealing with HL7 messages to common authentication and authorization scenarios to more complex HIPAA environment Rails delivers a great development experience.


One of our stories.

When the My Fertility team approached us to build the next-generation EMR software for the fertility segment of the healthcare industry, we faced several challenges. They needed to create a solid API, manage a huge amount of interconnected data, and deal with health-specific protocols such as HL7.

We chose rails because it allows us to reshape the product, even when the feature requirements change, in a well-tested and predictable way. Also, by using rails we gained all the developer experience and steady enhancement the rails community has been adding to it for more than 15 years

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